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OOO RusAgroMarket – Novosibirsk

The foundation stone of the RusAgroMarket agricultural wholesale distribution centre was laid on the ILP site in May 2018. The agricultural wholesale distribution centre being constructed on the Industrial and Logistics Park is a pilot centre of the federal network. The project being implemented by RusAgroMarket is the most capital-intensive at the ILP to date: total investment in the implementation of the first construction stage will amount to RUB 8.2 billion. The project should be commissioned in the second quarter of 2019.

Declared first-stage investment: RUB 8.2 billion
To be created: 800 new jobs

OOO Mondelēz Rus

Mondelēz Rus (part of the Mondelēz International Group of Companies) has been operating on the Russian market for more than 20 years.
The company produces well-known brands such as Alpen Gold, Milka, and Picnic chocolate, Jubilee and Oreo cookies, Barney Bear biscuits, TUC salty snacks, Dirol chewing gum, and Halls cough sweets.
Mondelēz International is an international producer of snacks. In 2017, their net revenue amounted to US$ 26 billion. The company employs more than 90,000 people worldwide, and its products are sold in 160 countries.
Mondelēz Rus is currently implementing a project involving construction of a new multi-category plant on the Park for the manufacture of confectionery goods.

Investment: RUB 3.7 billion
To be created: 185 new jobs

OOO ARMATON Large-Panel Housing Plant

A plant producing structures for large-panel and low-rise buildings and a manufacturer of reinforced concrete structures.

Investment: RUB 1.8 billion
Created: 231 new jobs


The logistics centre of a vertically integrated retailer: the largest Russian company specialising in the sale of fashionable clothes, shoes, and accessories for customers of all ages under the Gloria Jeans and Gee Jay brands.

Investment: RUB 1.6 billion
Created: 240 new jobs


One of the leading Russian suppliers and manufacturers of lighting and electrical equipment. The company is building a production and logistics complex on the ILP. The project is to be implemented in two stages: first, the construction of a production facility, and secondly, the construction of a logistics building.

Declared investment: RUB 1.5 billion
To be created: 218 new jobs

ООО "Распределительный центр "Новосибирск"

Компания строит распределительный центр для Х5 Retail Group ФТС "Пятерочка".

Ориентировочный объем инвестиций 1,3 млрд рублей


One of the most famous manufacturers of refrigeration equipment, with nearly two dozen factories around the world. The ARNEG plant in the ILP is the company’s second plant in Russia.

Investment: RUB 897 million
Created: 75 new jobs

OOO ZTI-Siberia

The leading manufacturer in Russia and the CIS of modern industrial plastic containers used for the transportation and storage of food, chemical, and petroleum goods, including hazardous products.

Investment: RUB 663 million
Created: 109 new jobs


The Sibalux group of companies has been operating on the construction materials market since 2006, manufacturing and selling fire-resistant aluminium composite panels under the SIBALUX brand. These panels are recognised as a universal façade material with a practically unlimited range of applications. The company’s products have passed the full range of testing required by the Russian law, and have all required permits. The company’s head office is located in Novosibirsk.

Investment: RUB 532 million
Created: 60 new jobs

OOO RossPak

RossPack has 20 years of experience in the packaging and disposable tableware market.
The production of disposable packaging made from plastic and paper is the company’s key area of business. RossPack’s primary concern is product quality; the company keeps up with the latest trends in the disposable packaging market and introduces new technologies to the production process.
RossPack is building a production and logistics complex on the ILP.
The first stage of the project is the construction of a disposable tableware and packaging factory.
The second stage is the construction of a logistics complex.

Declared first stage investment: RUB 156 million
To be created: 135 new jobs


The company launched a factory manufacturing snack products under the Bigrest brand on the ILP site in 2015.

Investment: RUB 314 million
Created: 138 new jobs

OOO Sladomir Logistic Group

Sladomir Logistic Group is one of the largest participants in the confectionery market in Siberia and the Far East. The company has 50 branded departments and stores selling goods manufactured by more than 60 leading factories: Akkond, Slavyanka, Prodpostavka, United Confectioners, SladCo, Novosibirskaya Chocolate Factory, and more.

Investment: RUB 219 million
Created: 88 new jobs

ООО "Терминал 1"

ООО "Терминал 1" строит на территории Промышленно-логистического парка Новосибирской области логистический комплекс класса А с общей площадью складских помещений 10 тыс. кв. метров. Резидент планирует реализовать проект в две очереди в 2019-2022 гг. Проект будет выполнен с учетом современных тенденций и технологий в логистике.  В том числе будет использована концепция кросс-докинга, что позволит увеличить эффективность работы логистических операторов и скорость товародвижения внутри склада.

Объем заявленных инвестиций: 150 млн рублей


CJSC Rosa is the leader among Siberian companies engaged in the design, construction, reconstruction, and installation of water treatment and wastewater treatment systems. The company has a factory on the ILP manufacturing high-quality water treatment plants.

Investment: RUB 76 million
Created: 24 new jobs


Компания "НОВА-ТРАК" строит в ПЛП дилерский центр по продаже грузового автомобильного транспорта с функциями сервисного обслуживания и ремонта. На территории центра, помимо демонстрационной площадки выставленной на продажу техники и офисных помещения компании, планируется разместить склад запасных частей, зону технического обслуживания, магазин автозапчастей и аксессуаров.  

Объем заявленных инвестиций: 45 млн рублей

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OOO Li-Ion Technologies (OOO Energy Solutions)

TOO Volver Company

OOO Project-Development

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