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Instruments of State Support

Our corporation selects instruments of federal and regional state support for investment projects, and provides advice on preparing an application for these instruments. There is a wide range of opportunities for business support. They include the following instruments:

In the field of investment activity:

  • tax exemptions
  • state guarantees of the Novosibirsk Region
  • partial subsidising of interest payments on bank loans
  • partial subsidising of lease payments
  • partial subsidising of the cost of work related to projects in the fields of pre-school education, extracurricular education for children, culture, physical activity, and sports
  • partial subsidising of cost of work on the supply, installation, and assembly of exhibition equipment
  • partial subsidising of expenses for the purchase of new process equipment

In industry:

  • partial subsidising of the cost of acquiring new main process equipment (for processing industries)
  • partial subsidising of costs related to R&D and process work (for processing productions)

For small and medium businesses:

  • partial subsidising of costs related to participation in exhibitions or trade fairs
  • partial subsidising of the cost of interest payments on loans taken from Russian banks
  • partial subsidising of costs under leasing contracts
  • partial subsidising of lease payments
  • partial subsidising of expenditure on the purchase of equipment to upgrade production
  • partial subsidising of the costs of small and medium businesses providing consumer services
  • grants for new businesses
  • concessional loans to companies operating in priority sectors, as well as in the field of catering (except restaurants) and consumer services

In agriculture:

  • preferential loans from banks authorised by the RF Ministry of Agriculture    
  • grants for innovative projects
  • subsidies for reimbursement of the cost of loans (credit lines)
  • for the construction and upgrade of agro-industrial complex facilities, for the purchase of machinery and equipment,
  • for the provision of support to seed producers, and for improvement of dairy cattle productivity
  • subsidies for producers of agricultural machinery

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