Linevo Territory of Advanced Social and
Economic Development

Tax exemptions and other privileges

Engineering and transport infrastructure for the project is built by the region with co-financing from the Monotowns Development Fund

Residents of Linevo TASED

— are exempt from  income tax  for the first five years, and pay income tax at the rate of 12% (instead of the 20% stipulated in general legislation) over the next five years

— are exempt from land and property taxes for the first ten years

— получают льготное финансирование Фонда развития моногородов: от 10 млн руб. до 1 млрд руб. Если сумма займа не превышает 250 млн рублей, то процент не начисляется, если требуется больший объем средств, то процентная ставка всего 5%

0% Tax on property, land, and profits
до 5% Annual payments (concessional financing)

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