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Its location in the centre of the country makes the Novosibirsk Region an ideal place for logistics and distribution centres. The total share of trade and transport is traditionally high—it accounts for more than 30% of GRP.

Agricultural Product Processing

Investment opportunities in regional agriculture include the use of major sources of raw materials for processing and subsequent exporting via the distribution system. The region is among the top ten Russian agricultural producers in terms of many products.

Construction Materials and Components

Considerable opportunities have arisen in this area thanks to the rapid growth of the construction sector in the Novosibirsk Region (a 28.1% gain in 2014) and growing demand for new advanced construction, finishing, and thermal insulating materials. Over 500 proven mineral deposits, including inert materials. In 2015 alone, four new construction material plants were commissioned.

Machinery and Equipment

One of the main sectors of the Novosibirsk economy includes the design and manufacture of machinery and equipment. Industry clustering offers investment opportunities. The region is among the top ten centres of the Russian military industrial sector (approximately 50 enterprises).

Industrial Biotechnologies

The region is provided with the main drivers of industry growth: sources of any types of renewable raw materials, key competencies, portfolio of state-of-the-art developments, and access to significant sales markets.

Medical and Biological Drugs

The pharmaceutical industry of the Novosibirsk Region has a long-standing tradition and can eventually become one of the growth drivers. Over 100 commercial proposals for Biological Drugs, Pharmaceutics, and Medicine are ready to be implemented.

New Materials

The development of this sector depends on investments in the traditional processing of materials (metals, mineral products, chemicals, rubber, and plastics) as well as on the creation of new materials in different industries (nanomaterials and composites, polymer-based and ceramic-based implants, etc.).


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