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The Novosibirsk Region is one of the largest and fastest growing regions of Russia. It offers favourable conditions for domestic and international companies exploring new opportunities for expansion in various industries.

Overview of the Region

Official name

Novosibirsk Region

Total area

177,800 km2



Official language


Standard time zone


Average temperature

winter: -16°С

summer: +19°С


2.7 million

Literacy rate


Employable population

1.46 million


Macroeconomic Indicators

Gross Regional Product, 2013

RUB 821,415 million

(USD 24,200 million)

Per capita Gross Regional Product, 2013

RUB 301,956

USD 8,900

Rate of Gross Regional Product growth vs. 2012


Direct foreign investments, 2013

USD 130 million

Investments in fixed capital, 2014

RUB 180,035 million

(USD 4,600 million)

Total foreign trade turnover, 2014

USD 4,461 million

Total export, 2014

USD 2,370 million

Total import, 2014

USD 2,091 million


Due to favourable conditions for living and business development, the main socioeconomic indicators of the Novosibirsk Region are growing.

Average Annual Growth Rates of the Main Socioeconomic Indicators in 2011–2014



Number of unemployed


Actual household income


Actual average monthly salary


Gross Regional Product


Industrial production


Investments in fixed capital


Source: Federal State Statistics Service

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